• Gold Plated Peacock Ring
  • Gold Plated Peacock Ring
  • Gold Plated Peacock Ring

Gold Plated Peacock Ring


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The beautiful and delicate peacock ring is one of our most edgy statement pieces and is made in bronze and is 18 carat gold plated. 
In the symbolic language of some Alchemists the stage of the peacock represents a color change in the alchemists flask, sign that one is on the right path. The peacock symbolizes the renewal of life, the union of masculine and feminine, a point of transformation and purification.
The ring is hand made in our studio on Bali / Indonesia and will come in a black/gold jewellery box.


This edgy ring is from the 21DGRS Alchemia collection that is inspired by alchemy craftsmanship and mythology.


height: ca 3,5cm
please contact us for special size custom orders!



Hand crafted in bronze and 18 karat gold plated

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