Twenty One Degrees


21DGRS is the collaborative effort of husband and wife duo Rik and Kim Fiddicke. Traveling together since their late teens, the couple was always drawn to exotic places, having lived on Hawaii and South Africa before temporarily settling down on Bali.

As lovers of the sea, dedicated surfers, travellers and graduates from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Kim and Rik decided to combine their passions for design, art and the ocean by starting 21dgrs in 2012.

Since then the collection has grown to swimwear, jewellery, beach and travel wear and is sold online as well as through cutting edge boutiques world wide.



The brand is consistently evolving and is centered on the merging of fashion, art and nature. Inspiration is drawn from the designer's environmental and cultural surroundings. The nomadic lifestyle of the makers is still at the center of the brand’s source of inspiration. The brand’s visual language reflects a fascination for the iconic 70s rock n roll nomadic lifestyle.

21dgrs designs are fashion conscious but far from only trend driven. The brand rather creates timeless wearable arty pieces, beautiful tools for creative self-expression.

21dgrs designs are effortless yet edgy. The products are constructed to be long lasting and designed to convey timesless beauty.

The vivacious carefully designed statements prints, luxurious fabrics and modern cuts are the foundation of each collection. 



She is the independent traveler, the free thinker with an open minded optimistic attitude, nomadic by nature. She aspires to grow and learn while inspiring others and leaving a mark on the world around her.

She dances to the beat of her own drum, is curious for life and is not consumed by trends and the urge to be cool – coolness comes natural to her.