• Silver Maroha Bracelet
  • Silver Maroha Bracelet

Silver Maroha Bracelet


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The 925 Sterling silver Maroha bracelet is made from hand braided cotton thread and silver chain, is manually adjustable and features a set in purple amethyst gemstone. The bracelet is hand made in our studio on Bali / Indonesia and will come in a black/gold jewellery bag.


TWENTY ONE DEGREES ‚TSURA’ collection draws ist inspiration from Romani mythology, folklore and tradition creating an atmosphere of mystical surreal fearless women with psychic powers, precognition, curses and blessings, the art of illusion and fortune telling. The collection pays tribute to ancient symbolism by pairing eye shapes, moon symbols and daggers with clean lines and sharp shapes, creating a subtle yet dark exotica.


manually adjustable


hand braided cotton thread, 925 Sterling silver, purple amethyst gemstone

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